It All Began With A PAMPHLET Which Not Only Became A Trending Topic On Social Media Outrage Industry With Incessant Rants But Also Created Storm In News Portals,The Exaggeration & Hype Was Such That It Drew Attention Of National Media Like Never Before,They Furthur Sensationalized It To The Extent Unimaginable.


As I Hardly Watch Any So Called Assamese News Channels,So I Wont Be Able To Say Precisely Which Channel First Reported It But I’ve Seen News 18 Report Where The Young Musical Sensation Nahid Afrin Burst Into Tears While Reacting To The So Called Fatwa (Misinterpreted By Media) Against Her & Saying About Facing Pressure Before Also.She Too Has Said That She Came To Know About It Through Vernacular Media Only That Too After Some Media People Contacted Her Father And Thats Exactly When I Chose To Follow The Issue Closely.

After I Finished Reading The Pamphlet,I Just Wondered As To How Media Dragged Nahid Afrin Into This Controversy.The Pamphlet Begins With Explaining Locals As To How Their Ancestors & Elderly People Overcame Plight & Life Of Misery Back Then In A Drought Affected Place Like Udali With The Blessings Of Allah (Through Their Utmost Faith & Devotion To Allah).

It Furthur States That Organising Musical Night,Drama,Dance,Music Etc In A Muslim Area That Is Surrounded By Mosques,Madrassas,Graveyard,Schools Is Against The Sharia.Such A Programme So Close To Religious Places Would Vitiate The Atmosphere & Allah Will Not Spare Any Of Them And At Last It Humbly Requested To Refrain Oneself & Their Children From Attending Such Anti-Sharia Programmes.

I Basically Studied In A CBSE Affiliated English Medium School Where Assamese Was Taught Till Class 9 Only & If I Could Make Out The Meaning Of The Content In That Pamphlet,Why Could Not They?Were They Not Intentionally Rumour-Mongering?Or Have They Deliberately Misinterpreted It To Set A Big Propaganda?Yellow Journalism,Presstitute Or News Trader?Where Is Their Social Responsibility & Accountability?

All Local & National Medias Collectively Not Only Have Blown The issue Out Of Proportion With Primetime Heated Debates Displaying Various Hashtags But Also Have Maligned The Signatories Of That Pamphlet.Among All The National Media Channels,This ABP Report Went A Step Ahead Showing It As A Death Threat “Quit Singing,Or Else Will Kill You”.I’m Really Glad That I Never Watch Any Hindi News Channels.

Matter Reached So Far That CM Sarbanada Sonowal Taken Serious Cognizance,Personally Intervened And Assured Her Of Providing Safety & Security,Celebrities Like Vishal Dadlani,Writer Taslima Nasreen,Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad,Lyricist Javed Akhtar,Artist Angaraag Papon Mahanta,Journo Rajdeep Sardesai Among Many Others Tweeted In Support Of Her Over A Non Existent Threat & A Fatwa That Never Was And Infact An Appeal That Had Nothing To Do With Our Very Dearest Young Star Nahid Afrin,The Pride Of Assam.

vox populi

There Were Reports Of Nahid Afrin Being Abused As Bangladeshi Gedi During Her Indian Idol Days And Glad To See Even Them Who Did Not Support Her Then Also Expressing Support To Her Now.

The Message Which Goes Out Loud & Clear In This Whole Episode Is Our Vernacular Media Has No Social Responsibility,Accountability,Credibility At All,Can Stoop Down To Any Level For TRP.So,All Those Who Flooded Fb,Twitter Timeline With Outrage,Condemnation Msgs (Without Even Giving A Second Thought) After Being Utterly Misled By So Called Assamese News Channels Must Boycott Them And Its No Less Than Complicity When We Hurriedly Jump Into Conclusion Based On Insinuation Or Rumour.

Lastly Hope We Dont Make Furniture Of An Unknown Tree Anymore And May Good Sense Prevail.

Lets learn To Live With Differences,Live And Let Live….



  1. I think its a tough time to all who really want peace..
    We all are human being first, religion comes in second.. The general public who are not aware of all the news subjected to the matter happening everywhere.. It’s the core responsibility of the news reported to aware the general public the adject & actual news.
    But nowadays the news reporter are becoming the main key in Politics… They are making rumors on projecting a particular religion.. & with this propaganda they are earning & inproportion helping the so called Leaders to take our nation towards darkness..

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