Haj Subsidy Has Always Been A Contentious Issue,Widely Propagated As A Burning Example Of Muslim Appeasement Policy Of Congress And It Also Serves As A Major Weapon For Right-Wingers,Islamophobes & Likes,To Set A Communal Propaganda And Opposing The So Called Hefty Haj Subsidy Without Even Knowing Its Basic Facts Has Become A Fashion.

How Many Of Us Really Know Or Care To Enlighten Ourself On The Very Issue Of Haj Subsidy? I’m Sure Very Few Of Us Would Have Some Basic Idea.So,Lets Try To Know What This ‘Haj Subsidy’ Actually Is,Whom Is It Meant For & Who The Real Beneficiary Is.


The Haj subsidy Is A Subsidy Given (Read For Just Namesake) To Indian Muslim Haj Pilgrims By The Government Of India Through Ministry Of Civil Aviation In Form Of Discounted Air Fares (Which Is Even Higher Than The General Air Fare On Other Operational Airline) On Indian Government Owned Air India,The Subsidy Amount Is NOT Directly Paid To The Travellers But Transferred To Air India.If Spoken In Plain & Simple Language,The Subsidy Amount Goes To The Coffers Of The Official Air Carrier,Air India And Strictly Not To The Pockets Of The Pilgrims,Contrary To What We Believed.Hence,The Real Beneficiary Is Air India As The Subsidy Is Actually A Discount On An Overpriced Air Fare.Frankly Speaking,This Subsidy,FA Or Whatever,Is Infact Meant At Reducing The Burden Of Air India And Not Of The Pilgrims.We Must Note That Air India Is The Only Option For Haj Pilgrims,To Take A Flight To Saudi Arabia,For Performing Annual Pilgrimage,Through Haj Committees.

Why This Monopoly Of Air India?

As We All Know That Air India Is A Loss Making Company,So Govt Of India Adopts Various Strategies In Order To Compensate The Losses Or To Ensure Its Survival,Like Instructing Govt Employees For Official Duty Trips Only On Air India,Allowing LTC Only On Air India & Its Subsidiaries Etc.Similarly,Haj Subsidy Too Is One Such Measure.Even After The Discounted Or Subsidised Airfare Price For A Pilgrim,Air India’s Fair Remains Much Higher Than Its Other Counterparts.This Pilgrim’s Detailed Expenses Will Make It More Evident & Furthur Substantiate My Observation.

How This Haj Subsidy Came Into Being ?

This Was First Promulgated By Former PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi To Encourage Haj Pilgrims To Travel By Air,Abolishing The Then Popular Practice Of Journeying By Sea Route,Apparently Due To Rising Oil Prices & As An Aftermath Of June 1973 Ship Accident That Killed 39 Pilgrims During The Government Managed Haj Trip.Ultimately In 1995,The Mode Of Transport Was Changed From Ships To Aircraft And To Meet The Slightly Higher Fare Difference Due To The Change Of Route,Provision Of Some Compensation Was Kept In A Bid To Massively Encourage Pilgrims.

Intervention Of  The Hon’ble Supreme Court :

In 2012,The Court Ruled Out That This Subsidy is Not Only Unconstitutional But Inconsistent With The Teachings Of Quran & Directed The Government To Completely Abolish It By 2022.Even In August 2010,Minority Affairs Ministry Too Opposed The Haj Subsidy.

As It Is Contrary To The Teachings Of Islam,Question Of Muslims Expecting Any Sort Of Such Subsidy Simply Does Not Arise.Islamic Scholars,Leaders & Muslims In General,Categorically Opposed It & Favours Withdrawal Of This Fictitious Subsidy.This So Called Haj Subsidy Is A Pretention,In Disguise,To Support Air India,To Compensate Its Perennial Losses.

Selective Criticism & Sheer Hypocrisy :

The Armchair Activists,So Called Liberals & Pseudo-Intellectuals Slamming Haj Subsidy As Minority Appeasement Conveniently Forgets To Question Such Subsidies For Hindu, Buddhist, Jain & Sikh Pilgrims,At The Expense Of The Exchequer.For Instance,The Government Is Spending Crores Of Rupees,For Facilitating Various Religious Rites Like Yatras,Fairs And Festivals.In Many States,Including Assam,There is Chief minister’s Tirath Yatra Scheme.We Often Come Across Reports & RTI Revealation On Benefits Provided To Non-Muslim Pilgrims.


6 thoughts on “HAJ SUBSIDY : MYTH Vs REALITY

  1. Though when the subsidy was announced Air India wasn’t making any losses. So i think its illogical thinking. Because of bad management The Maharaja has lost his power on Air. Hindus are not getting any kind of subsidy for Amaranth Jatra. I think subsidy should be decided on income basis.

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    1. Please Do Acknowledge That Non-Hindu Pilgrims Gets Subsidy In The Form Of Concessioal Fares,Rail Tickets & Accomodation…Subsidies,If Given,Should Be Given,In True Sense,Irrespective Of Religion Or Else Abolish All Such Subsidy Altogether

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