Singer Sonu Nigam stirred controversy yet again terming Azaan ( Islamic call to prayer) “forced religiousness” and furthur calling it Cacophony and outright Gundagardi ( Hooliganism ) .

Series (From Below) Of Brazenly Outrageous Tweets From Hypocrite Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam, who tried to teach Jet Airways what Real intolerance is, even after flouting rules, using mic ( public announcement system ) for singing , has now himself reached peak level of ” real intolerance ” or rather exposed his hypocrisy with embarrassing tweets of religious intolerance & bigotry.

Arrogant Sonu Nigam calls azaan gundagardi, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan stands in respect & advocates respecting all religious faiths. Superstar Priyanka chopra reveres the same Azaan and says “I will definitely miss Bhopal like anything. Especially I will miss the Azaan for sure. Every evening after pack up I sit on hotel’s terrace and I eagerly wait for Azaan. I never miss this chance a single day here because there is a divine beauty in this Azan. Azaan is given from around six masajids one after the other and it is a sheer music to my ears. I encounter a very different and a very unusual peace during that time. Something very special is discovered and the whole city seems sinking into it. I really like those five minutes.” at a hotel in Quantico while briefing Media. Actor, Film-maker Pooja Bhatt too tweeted out about saluting the spirit of India.

Singer, Music composer Wajid Khan hurt with such unexpected,despicable words from Sonu Nigam.

Actor,producer Ajaz Khan reacted very Strongly saying of losing all respect for him for those objectionable hate tweets.

Raza Morad too snubbed Sonu Nigam for speaking against particular religion. The Public Opinion on this entire controversy is absolutely against Sonu Nigam & demanded an apology for hurting others religious sentiments. Even Hindu brethrens too reprimanded him sending message of brotherhoodness & appealed him not to disrupt social harmony. A Hindu brother nailled him while reminding India’s secularism & vibrant democracy. Sonu Nigam is trolled by Indians for his irresponsible remark.

Interestingly, Sonu Nigam never felt this annoyance before in his 43 years of living in India, well the timing is understandable. More than that, he stays at Amarnath Apartment 12th Floor ( Full AC ) and Madina Mosque is almost 1.2 km away from his house, yet he gets all the disturbance & sleeplessness ? Why has he raked this issue up now ? How come he speak so insensitively against a particular religion & spread vitriol despite being a strong public figure ? Or was it manifestation of apprehension on becoming “Sonu Nigam : Ek Tha Singer” ?

sonu bhakt
Sonu Nigam even sang Namo Namah With PM Modi

Oh wait, this recent news  Report of Sonu Nigam’s penchant towards Yogi Adityanath too definitely assume significance & deserves a mention.

My twitter responses was like these :


Here is how some Netizen responded to Sonu Nigam’s embarrassing rants :

Whatsoever be his intention but it sounded communally offensive & disharmonious as there has been umpteen number of vitriol campaigns going on , communalism & islamophobia on rise in recent times.

Hilariously, a day after outraging over Snapchat CEO’s alleged Insult by massive uninstall drive & Snapdeal too victimised , out of confusion, as 1st half of their names are same. Similarly, some netizens confused Sonu Nigam with Sonu Sood & Sonu Sood too had to face the Music, cluelessly though. Actor sood had to come up with a tweet on the same.

Lastly, May we cherish our indianness, in being tolerant to respect faiths of each other, in being secular, in letter & in spirit, in respecting the constitution. Better sense shall certainly prevail.



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