The Govt Decided To Ban Use Of Red Beacons On Official Vehicles From 1st May

Shri Narendra Modi govt’s decision to abolish elitist red beacons on top of vehicles carrying VIPs, VVIPs  including even the President, Prime Minister & Chief Justice of India that too at a time when this pompous VIP culture is so rampant (India ranks highest in number of designated VIPs in the world,leaving aside self-proclaimed ones) undoubtedly deserves a round of applause & also soothing to ears.

The proposed Ban exempts only vehicles involved in emergency and relief and rescue services, ambulances and fire brigade services which will be allowed to put blue beacon.

vip bjp

VIP Culture Is Much More Than What We Believe :

MP CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan Lifted By Cops In MP

VIP culture is indeed much more than flashing red beacons and blowing siren . After all, lavish perks and VIP privileges, I dont think that our politicians and other VIPs have to buy even a needle from own pocket and they get preferably everything ahead of the normal indians and that too with the hard-earned money of the taxpayers. India’s familiarity with VIP culture needs no reiteration as its omnipresent here and ours is a nation so much obsessed with VIPs & their ilk, reason why VIPs are a Proliferating breed here. Everywhere we look, there are VIP signages – VIP parking, VIP tickets, VIP enclosures, VIP entries, VIP gates, VIP seats, VIP admissions, VIP pavilions, VIP boxes (and I am not referring to VIP suitcases) VIP seats, VIP Beds, VIP quota, VIP passage, VIP security, VIP toilets, VIP Airline , temples, offices, ports, railways, hospitals, weddings, public events, plays, ports, roads & MPs demanding 100% pay hike .

Needless to say what we witnessed when Arnab Goswami led Timesnow ran a massive Campaign against boorish VIP culture, the tirade exposed blatant misuse of power & brazen display of arrogance by VIPs flaunting audacious presence with blaring siren & red beacons, on busy roads, causing greater inconvenience to the public, whom they are rather supposed to serve. These extravagant VIP culture brings not only apartheid but also fundamental disconnect between Public servants and Public. Just recently a Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad hitted a 60 year old Air India staff “25 times with slipper” & gone scot-free without even expressing any remorse. Former Assam CM Tarun Gogoi sacked a DIG and two SPs for alleged security lapse.

Assam CM Tarun Gogoi Asked Priority Passage Even While Going To Play Golf
Union Home Min Rajnath Singh Getting Shoe-laces Tied

Of course, India is not the only country that accords its ‘VIPs’ special privileges but if we see designated VIP count in other major countries, India is far ahead. Britain reportedly has a total of 84 officially designated VIPs. France boasts 109 such personages, Japan 125, Germany 142, Australia 205, the United States 252, South Korea 282,  Russia 312 and our neighbour China has a total of  435 designated VIPs. Even after the horrendous shooting at point blank range of Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, there was no move to enlarge police protection for US public officials.

The overwhelming presence of Security personnel for so called VIPs needs to be reduced drastically as the deployment of cops for VIP security far exceeds the number officially sanctioned for the same. Union home Ministry’s Bureau of Police Research and Development Data shows that a whopping 59059 numbers of police personnel are engaged in protection of VIPs ( including Ministers, MPs, MLAs, bureaucrats, judges) whereas the officially sanctioned manpower for the task is 21,761 . On average, there is three policemen for every VIP against appalling One for 761 citizens which is certainly not any safer for any Indian.

Police Functioning, VIP Culture And Law & Order :

Police functioning has been plagued by acute shortage of manpower across the country, thereby hampering the discharging of their primary responsibility of maintaining law & order. More than that, how could we even forget that it was precisely the same VVIP treatment to the white ambassadors with red lights on top, that made it easy for terrorists to attack our parliament in 2001, where as many as six Delhi Police personnel and two parliamentary security service personnel were ghastly killed.

Crusade Against VIP Culture :

Harish Salve‘s petition to the Supreme Court in February 2013 over the abuse of power and public resources by VVIPs explaining details about the blatant misuse of the state machinery in blocking roads to give ‘priority passage’ to VIPs, ‘flashing red lights’ atop their cars and blowing sirens to intimidate the public.

The Supreme Court took this opportunity to ask the Centre, States and Union Territories to define VIPs and VVIPs and furnish details of the expenses incurred in providing security to family members of the VVIPs, remarking that ” the threat perception becomes a symbol of power ” .

When Salve raised the issue of nuisance caused by loud sirens during VVIP traffic movements, the Supreme Court sought replies from the Centre and the Delhi government, but noted that ambulances and vehicles of security forces would be exempt from any regulatory measures.

Better late than never, this govt has shown immense goodwill by the humble gesture of eradicating & uprooting the flourishing VIP culture, PM’s tweet on strong beginning is reassuring, atleast from the prompt responses & overwhelming cooperation that followed that too from the political class.

The Northeastern states welcomed the Decision & infact some prominent leaders like Himanta Biswa Sarma , Tripura CM Manik Sarkar abandoned red beacons long back. So has Arvind Kejriwal govt right from assuming office & recently Amarinder Singh led Punjab Govt too followed the suit.

manik wife
Tripura CM Manik Sarkar’s Wife In Queue, Manik Sarkar’s Family Is Epitome Of VIP Simplicity

It is noteworthy to mention here that the picture which i saw on the day of Sarbananda Sonowal swearing in ceremony where all VVIPS thronged  Guwahati byepass NH 37 was absolutely amazing. No traffic halting, no harassment in the name of frisking, no rallying of VVIP vehicles , no loud siren. VVIP convoys passed by our car, just like any other vehicle, without affecting us. Otherwise, we were used to Tarun Gogoi Raj, contrary to what i witnessed that day.

Anyway, hope PM’s series of meetings with CMs, Deputy CMs , Leaders of BJP ruled states & Niti Ayog funtionaries would furthur instil civic sense, ethical conduct, good manners & basic discipline in them.

Lastly, our best wishes to PM Modi in his sincere efforts to do away with VIP culture & we hope to see him really ending the era of VIP culture altogether.



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